Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Water Life: Making Off directed by Juan Antonio Rodríguez Llano & Ramón Campoamor Martínez

Water Life is the first Spanish super production, fully shot in HD, which flows over the most important aquatic ecosystems of our planet. Produced by CIN.TV, company of Group Vértice 360º, Water Life has been possible thanks to the help of Fundación Patrimonio Natural de Castilla y León, Unicaja Obra Social, United Nations (Oficina de la Década del Agua) and WWF Spain. The importance of water for life is shown to viewers in a thrilling different way: through a spectacular photography and a fantastic soundtrack.

Throughout 26 episodes of 30 minutes each, Water Life shows fascinating aquatic corners of Earth. From the biggest whales to the most insignificant mosquitoes, every living being depends on the water and are linked to this liquid in a special way for their survival. Nevertheless, water is not just animal species. It also makes possible overwhelming landscapes such as caverns, sea beds, glaciers or valleys.

In this series we discover how all this beauty is possible thanks to water, and how we see it as storms, rivers, oceans, beaches, lakes, rainforests, salt mines… In short: a complete tour across hydrological cycle which shows an enormous variety of fauna and flora. All this produced in a professional High Definition format, with details never seen before.

Life in our planet depends on the hydrological cycle. It flows creating clouds, rains, snow, rivers or seas and in every place creates landscapes and ecosystems where the most varied and surprising beings live.

Making Off
Nature hides a lot of secrets and our series too. Discover how some of the most striking images were obtained, what is the technique for filming certain species or the risks and adventures that the whole team has experienced.

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