Friday, 15 March 2013

Blackface: The Sacred Legend directed by Amine El Faqir, Bertrand Carrière, Clément Vitroly & Nicolas Salsedo

When human idiocy is allowed to run its course, the only course it runs is a vicious circle that’s hard to escape from. ‘Black Face The Sacred Legend’, tells the story of a white colonial hunter in pursuit of a sacred monkey in the heart of an Indian jungle. He chances upon a sadhu, a wise man, who warns him of the impending danger on killing the creature. Disregarding caution, the hunter impinges on sacred territory, shoots the monkey and suddenly finds him turning into a monkey running around in Karmic circles.

The seven minute film has been directed by Bertrand Carriere, Mohamed Amine El Faqir, Nicolas Salsedo and Clément Vitroly, students at ESMA School of Arts (Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques), one of the most reputed art schools in France. It has already won three awards since it started its festival run, bagging Best Graduation Movie at Multivision Festival (Russia), Best Film at Ismailia Festival (Egypt) and Best Animated Short Film (Student) at the Red Stick Animation Festival.

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