Thursday, 14 March 2013

Boy directed by Taika Waititi (eng. st rom.)

(WIKI) Boy is a 2010 New Zealand coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed by Taika Waititi and financed by the New Zealand Film Commission. In New Zealand, the film has eclipsed previous records for a first week's box office takings for a local production. Boy is the highest grossing New Zealand film of all time.

The soundtrack to Boy features New Zealand artists such as The Phoenix Foundation, who previously appeared in Waititi's film Eagle vs Shark.

The year is 1984. Alamein/"Boy" is a young 11 year old child who lives in Waihau Bay, in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand, on a small farm with his grandmother, little brother Rocky and several other cousins. Boy spends his time dreaming of Michael Jackson and his estranged father, Alamein, who has since left him and Rocky. Boy continually creates stories about his father such as him escaping prison and taking him to see Michael Jackson live. Even though Boy continues to believe this, friends and bullies never believe him anyway, which starts a fight between him and another classmate, Kingi, and his older brother. When Boy's grandmother leaves for a funeral one day, Boy takes charge of the house and his brother and cousins but is then surprised to see his father and two other men arrive at the farm.

Boy and the others are happy to see Alamein return but Rocky is displeased at their father's sudden reappearance. It seems at first that Alamein is here to finally be in his sons' lives but it is soon revealed that he is actually back to find a bag of money he had buried before being arrested by the police. With his patched gang, the 'Crazy Horses' (Himself + the two henchmen), he begins to dig up the money in a nearby field he had buried it at but has trouble remembering the exact spot. Boy sees this and offers to help and Alamein soon decides to hang out with Boy and be a father. The two have fun such as going on drives in Alamein's car and getting revenge on Boy's bully and the bully's brother. Meanwhile, Alamein has no luck with digging up the money and decides to go in the business of marijuana after he discovers Boy bring some from helping his friends pick. Boy leads his father to the stalks of marijuana who gathers all of it to use, and sell. Later, Alamein and his gang go to a local hotel, and get in a confrontation with a real gang, who beats them up. Even though this happens, Boy sees his father doing a fighting dance sequence with the others, still seeing the best in him.

Boy continues to dig for the money and one day he successfully finds the treasure but is overcome with the amount. This leads Boy to treat his friends with popsicles and candy from his aunt's store but Alamein comes and angrily questions and hits Boy into revealing where he got the money. Boy's Aunt Gracey stops him and yells at Alamein to leave Boy alone and he soon leaves with Boy standing shamed. Boy later visits back at the farm to check on the spot where he hid the money; his goat's pen. He is devastated though to find the money eaten by the goat. Also, Alamein's men decide to leave him and take the car as his plans continue to fail. Boy starts drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana due to his stress and the fact that he finally understands that his father is not as great as he thought. After getting over his stress and sadness, he returns home to clean the house and put his cousins to sleep. Alamein sits up depressed in the barn and is visited by Rocky and finally sits to comfort him. Just then, Boy comes in and begins to hit his father in anger but Alamein stops his crying son who then goes back to the house.

Boy and Rocky visit their mother's grave the next day to find Alamein sitting there, staring at the grave. It was also revealed before in the film that their mother had died after giving birth to Rocky which was a reason why Alamein had also left before. The final scene of the film shows the boys silently joining Alamein as they sit around the grave.

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