Saturday, 2 March 2013

Roulette TV: Ikue Mori directed by Uri Gal-Ed

Ikue Mori began her musical activity playing drums with the seminal DNA band (with Arto Lindsay and Tim Wright) in the late 70ís, and developed her unique methods of performing improvisations with drum machines which eventually led to her creative uses of the laptop computer. Her group Tohban Dian, formed in 1986, "strived to subvert images of Orientalism, femininity, and obsession", and wove world music and surrealist influences into their song structures. She has since collaborated with many avant-garde performers including Zeena Parkins, Fast Forward, Mark Tomkinís Dance Company, Joey Baron, Anthony Coleman, Shelley Hirsch, Fred Frith, and John Zorn. Her performance group on this Roulette TV video create an ever-changing, delicate and mysterious electroacoustic soundscape from their trio improvisation with manipulated computer samples, turntable mixing, and an electric bass played with several bowing, pizzicato and body-striking techniques. In her interview, Mori discusses her creative use of drum machines and computers, her albums "100 Aspects of the Moon", and "Ventriloquist in Ghost Chamber", and her liberation through making music in the States.

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