Saturday, 2 March 2013

Roulette TV: Nneng directed by Uri Gal-Ed

The intermedia band Nneng creates live audio and video improvisations of spectacular beauty and intensity. The trio first met in the summer of 1997 at Manhattan's Bar XVI and the improvising group grew from their initial jams. On this Roulette TV videotape, they perform two contrasting works "Electronic 4 Food (A Good Hair Piece)" and the stark composition "VC". Vidicians Benton Bainbridge and Nancy Meli Walker focus small cameras on a wide variety of found objects (human hair, puffballs, chains of metallic and organic materials, slinkys, bugs, etc.) and incorporate the oscilloscope patterns of waveforms from Brian Moran's analog synthesizers and sampled sound. In their post-performance interview, Walker describes her early stain-glass and cast glass sculptures using broadcast TV as a light source. Bainbridge speaks of his efforts to "accelerate the loop from inspiration to creation". Moran describes how his early punk performances led to his current electronic improvisations, and the group as a whole relate their non-narrative textures to classical visual art.

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