Sunday, 3 March 2013

Roulette TV: Pauline Oliveros directed by Uri Gal-Ed

Pauline Oliveros is internationally renown for her innovative electronic music, meditative accordion solos, and visionary, breakthrough works that create new relationships among performers by means of attentional, consciousness-raising, group improvisation strategies (many of which are collected in her 1984 book "Software for People"). In this videotape, she offers "Pauline's Solo", a contemplative 20-minute accordion improvisation built of ethereal sustained harmonies and fleeting melodic gestures, like spontaneous thoughts suddenly flashing across quiescent synaptic networks. In an inspiring and instructive interview, Oliveros explains her method of "deep listening" which she has been practicing for nearly 50 years, discusses her study of karate and quantum mechanics and how they relate to her music, and she gives a deep listening assignment for the viewers looking at the tape at that moment.

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