Monday, 1 April 2013

Channel 4: The IT Crowd - "Return of the Golden Child" directed by Graham Linehan (eng. st rom.)

(WIKI) The IT Crowd is a British sitcom by Channel 4, written by Graham Linehan, produced by Ash Atalla and starring Chris O'Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson and Matt Berry. The "IT" in the show's title can be pronounced as either the word it /ˈɪt/, as in "the 'it' crowd", or as the letters IT /ˌaɪˈtiː/, as in the abbreviation for information technology.

Set in the London offices of the fictional Reynholm Industries, the show revolves around the three staff members of its IT department: a geeky genius named Maurice Moss (Ayoade), the workshy Roy Trenneman (O'Dowd), and Jen Barber (Parkinson), the department head/Relationship Manager, who knows nothing about IT. The show also focuses on the bosses of Reynholm Industries: Denholm Reynholm (Chris Morris) and his son Douglas (Berry).

The comedy premiered on Channel 4 on 3 February 2006, and ran for four series of 6 episodes each. Although a fifth series was commissioned, Graham Linehan announced in 2011 that there would not be a fifth series.

The show was the third successful sitcom creation of Graham Linehan, following Father Ted (co-written with Arthur Mathews) and Black Books (co-written with Dylan Moran).

Moss discovers an internet site that calculates when people will die by analysing their personal details. Despite Roy's refusal to partake, Moss discovers that Roy will die on Thursday at 3pm. Denholm, threatened by police who want to investigate "financial irregularities" in the business's accounts, commits suicide by jumping out of a window during a meeting, and his funeral is also set for Thursday at 3pm. Roy buys a new mobile phone with lots of features but, finding himself disappointed by the weak vibrate setting, he allows Moss to "pimp your phone, girlfriend". Having set the vibrate function to the highest setting, the phone mistakenly goes off during Denholm's funeral, and to make matters worse, Roy mistakes it for his impending death and reacts accordingly, screaming and swearing. Before the funeral, Denholm's successor announces his plan to fire the entire IT department because he despises them, but he finds himself fired when Denholm's son Douglas (Matt Berry) – his rightful successor – storms the funeral and takes over Reynholm Industries. Roy and Moss give Douglas the now unwanted mobile phone, and having felt the vibrate function go off in his trousers, he declares it takes him "nearly at the station", giving a hint of things to come.

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